We provide accessible transport for local people who have no access to public transport because of location or who are unable to us the public transport available due to access problems or disabilities.

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We are Community Transport South West Ltd

Community Transport meet the needs of individuals unable to access conventional transport. Currently our cost effective transport is enjoyed by over 95 organisations, large and small, ranging from children’s and youth services, social/statutory services, elderly care and many self- organised groups, clubs and local community youth groups.

We also operate a demand responsive service which meets the needs of individuals who want to go shopping or attend medical appointments by using accessible vehicles and volunteer car drivers.

Covered Area

Helping to make a difference

Last year we undertook over 24,000 journeys for individuals and community groups. This includes medical appointments, social activities eg, shopping, day trips. As well as providing support to local care homes transporting day care residents with dementia as well as medical and social issues.

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School Transport

We also provide School Transport for children with physical and mental learning difficulties, this covers children as young as 4 up to 18.

Transport for rural communities

With an increasing number of elderly people living in the rural community and a decline in state funding of other service providers eg. Patient transport.